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    Solo Dog Exhibition

    On Sunday 19th November 2023, Dawn will open the doors of her gallery and studios in Belmont, East Belfast, to the public. The much-anticipated exhibition will showcase her latest creations - a mesmerizing array of dog paintings in oil and charcoal, a testament to her enduring fascination with dogs and their unique place in our lives.

    Dawn shared her excitement about the upcoming exhibition, saying, "I can't wait to launch my next exciting series of work, and I also want people to bring their beloved doggies to the show too!" This invitation for canine companions’ underscores Dawn's commitment to fostering a sense of community around her art.

    The exhibition promises to be a remarkable celebration of the bond between humans and their loyal companions. Dawn's unique, contemporary style beautifully expresses this connection and is a testament to her passion for animals and her dedication to her art.

    Exhibition paintings Online Wednesday 15th November 2023