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    Dawn Crothers paints from her studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which is based in an historic stable building on Lismachan Estate, in the Glenmachan area. Her family home is within walking distance of her studio, where she lives with her husband and two sons. From childhood Dawn was a bit of a day dreamer spending many days drawing and making things. Mostly sketching animals, when she was growing up, she wanted to be veterinary nurse, often bringing home injured animals to her Mothers despair, from stray dogs to wounded birds in shoe boxes. She generally has a love for nature and the outdoors.  Her happiest memories running freely around her family caravan sites, in Northern Ireland’s magical seaside towns and countryside.

    Dawn Crothers holding one of her completed oil paintings

    She enjoyed Studying Fine Art at the University of Ulster but decided to leave early as she started selling her paintings in a local gallery. As a result, she would describe herself as a self-taught painter and in many ways feels this helped her create her own style early on.  Marc Chagall has had the greatest influence on her and her work. In high school she came across a Marc Chagall book in the library. For Dawn her art career started the moment she caught glimpse of his bold and colourful brush strokes and fantasy themed work. It was an instant connection; she adored his beautiful dream like paintings.  From then on, she knew her life would involve in art someway.

     Dawn medium of choice is oil on canvas, depending on what the subject is she may use different techniques. For example, her famous Snail paintings are created using paints straight from the tubes applied thickly and haphazardly, using quick movements, blending colour and texture together to create the desired effect. Other works are started by sketching with charcoal on the canvas firstly then applying the paint in gentle layers using paint from her palette.  Working from photographs and drawings made from life or her imagination.


    Dawn Crothers walking with her familyDawn Crothers Snail Car

    Dawn was one of the few lucky Irish artists to hit the ground running in the early days of her career. With her first solo exhibition in October 2008 being such a massive ‘sell-out’ success, she quickly established herself as a household name in Northern Ireland. In fact, as Dawn’s popularity has grown her impact on a much higher level is starting to be felt. Now, it seems every one of her finished paintings naturally achieves collector status.
    When painting, Dawn likes to close herself off from everything in order to fully concentrate on what she wishes to achieve, experimenting as she goes along to reach an aesthetically pleasing image.While studying art she enjoyed creating sculpture and its influence is still alive in her paintings. Perhaps in the way she adds layers and textures to position her work in an almost three-dimensional arrangement or her use of materials and the way she scrapes into the paint to add a depth to her work.

    Dawn Crothers Artist with CWorld Champion boxer Carl Frampton

    All of Dawn’s paintings reflect her personality with their bubbly and approachable attributes. She wants people to relish in the many humorous characters and scenes she brings to life and hopes that the viewer sees the emotion she portrays in her work. Most of all she wants people to feel happy looking at her paintings and to feel the light-hearted side to life.

    Art is our family business!

    2019 Solo Exhibition, Clowns of the Sea, Whalley Fine Art, Belfast
    2018 Solo Christmas Exhibition, Whalley Fine Art, Belfast
    2017 Solo Exhibition, Cameron Landscapes, Belfast
    2016 Birthstone Solo Exhibition, Whalley Fine Art, Belfast
    2015 Opening Group Show, Art Care, Belfast
    2015 Group Christmas Show, The Art Agency, Surrey
    2015 Group Christmas Show, The Gallery Kinsale, Ireland
    2015 Solo Exhibition, Christmas, Whalley Fine Art, Belfast
    2015 Group Show Lavelle Art Gallery, Clifden, Ireland
    2014 Solo Exhibition, Arts for All Gallery, Belfast
    2014 Edinburgh Art Fair
    2014 Liverpool Contemporary Art Fair
    2013 Group Christmas Exhibition, Whalley Fine Art, Belfast
    2013 The Mulberry Tree Gallery, Dorset
    2013 The Inchmore Gallery, Inverness, Scotland
    2012 Solo Exhibition, McAllister Fine Art, Surrey
    2012 The Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York
    2010 Group Exhibition The Millbank Gallery, Templepatrick
    2010 Group Exhibition Killarney Art Gallery, Ireland
    2010 Group Exhibition the Whalley Gallery, Holywood
    2010 Irish Interiors Ulster Tatler, Exhibition, Belfast
    2009 Group Exhibition, Whalley Gallery, Holywood
    2008 Group Exhibition, Grand Opening of Whalley Gallery, Holywood
    2007 Group Exhibition, The Yard Gallery, Holywood


    Collections/ Corporate
    A & L Goodbody, Belfast
    Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children, Haematology Ward, Belfast
    Daisy Lodge, Cancer Fund for Children, Newcastle, County Down
    Tiny Life, Belfast
    Cancer Research, UK
    Dame Mary Peters LG, CH, DBE, DStJ
    Wee Care, Day Nurseries, Belfast
    Sir Hugh Orde
    Dillon Bass Ltd
    Mercer Dental, Bangor, County Down
    Hamilton Road Surgery, Bangor, County Down
    Coast Restaurant, Holywood
    Hope House, Whitehead, Northern Ireland
    Hillmount Nurseries, Northern Ireland
    McHughs Bar, Belfast
    Cosmetech, Kings Road, London
    The Neptune Group, London
    Collectors in UK, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, USA, South Africa,
    Australia, Switzerland, France, Spain, Hong Kong

    Classes and workshops are held online via Zoom for children were they work virtually with me to create high quality memorable art allowing them to develop fundamental skills in a fun and exciting way.
    I have found over the last few years that by teaching the children to get back to the basics of drawing, painting and sculpting can really help them in becoming more confident and creative in their thinking in everyday life. Most of all I will make their experience fun and it is always a chance to meet new friends virtually and paint with an established artist.

    dawn crothers with James G one of her art students
    Dawn with one of her amazing students and their work!

    Feel free to call into some Saturday to my studio and gallery and please get in contact if you have any questions at all relating to the classes or workshops I do.
    Why not browse the current classes and workshops I have to offer and please feel free to join my mailing list if you'd like to be keep up to date with any new classes or workshops launched!



    Inchmarlo prep school visit to Dawn Crothers Studio and Gallery

    Throughout the year I visit many schools, hospitals and various large corporations to give talks and demonstrate what I do on a daily basis. Due to the world pandemic I have also been doing some great virtual visits too! 
    The art I produce and different workshops I take have a very good a effect on the health and well-being of your workforce or students.

    As the number of people with long-term conditions increases and with an ageing population who may experience high levels of physical inactivity and social isolation, innovative and effective treatments are needed, more than ever!

    The arts seem to have an important role to play in this – through offering help, promoting well-being and creating a space for social connection.

    I have various options for you depending on what you are thinking about whether it be a large Corporate Art Workshop or a simple school visit talk or workshop please feel free to get in contact with me by EMAIL