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    Dawn Crothers painting

    Personalised pieces of art

    Whether you’d like to commission artwork for yourself, or as a special gift for someone you know, Dawn is always happy to create bespoke paintings and has had many satisfied clients over the years. Just contact Dawn by phone or email and she’ll have a chat with you about what you would like.

    Some useful information to know before getting in touch is:
    Size of painting required
    Content – being as specific as you can is great, as this gives Dawn a clear idea of what you have in mind
    Photographs/images for reference

    Once Dawn has all of this, she’ll then come up with some of her own suggestions for the artwork and discuss this with you – again via email, on the phone or in-person, as preferred.

     Artistic license

    Commissions can be original ideas from the client, or adapted from Dawn’s existing work. For instance, many clients request personalised ‘Snail’ paintings, created bespoke for them in terms of size and colours.

    While Dawn will always endeavour to work as closely as possible to a client’s brief, there will always be some artistic license involved with commissions, as she interprets your ideas. However, this only adds to the uniqueness of the piece and will bring your concept to life in a way only an experienced artist can achieve.


    Once a commission is agreed with Dawn, a deposit needs paid in full before she commences work. Cost includes creation of the artwork, as well as framing and postage (to the UK and Ireland) International shipping rates upon request.
    NB The painting can also be sent unframed, with the cost of framing subsequently deducted from the commission price.


    Commissions usually take between two to four weeks to complete and costs are in keeping with the time it takes to produce other works of the same size.

     To request a commission, please call Dawn on (028) 9543 0340 or email