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    Commissioning an artwork may seem daunting at times but I’d like to explain how easy the process can be!
    I have been commissioned many times over the past few years and always love personalising my work to put a smile
    on a persons face who may be receiving the painting as a gift or just a treat to yourself!
    Everyone always has a wall that has been bare for so long and have been looking for that perfect painting…well all it takes
    is an email or a chat with me and I can come up with some initial ideas for you!
    Snails have been my most popular commission and clients have requested sizes and colours to fit in to a certain space.
    If you would like a commission completed, please forward all relevant information i.e. size, content (be specific as you can), any photographs for reference etc.
    I will then make some suggestions of what I have in mind…and we go from there!
    You have to allow for a little artistic license and all commissions are paid for in full before the commission begins. This price includes framing and postage to UK and Ireland )the painting can be sent unframed and the cost of framing will be deducted from the commission price).
    Commission times are usually around 2 to 3 weeks and Prices are in keeping with other works the same size.
    Please don’t hesitate to get on contact with me via email and I look forward to hearing from you with you suggestions!

    Dawn Crothers painting