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    Elmers Big Belfast Trail 2022

    Elmers Big Belfast Trail 2022

    This week I have been super busy finishing painting my enormous elephant sculpture at Elmer headquarters in Castle Court shopping centre in Belfast City. I was delighted to be chosen along with other artists to be part of this amazing project. On the 20th of June 2022 Belfast will be brought to life by a herd of unquely designed, amazingly creative, elephant sculptures. 

     My elephant sculpture will be instantly recognisable as its very much my style but must not give too much away we want the element of surprise. What I love about this project is how they incorporated the community, working with local artists, by business sponsoring, schools designing and producing their own mini elephants and the reason behind it all, to raise vital funds for Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.

     This free, family friendly art trail will be on display for everyone throughout the summer. Then the herd will travel to Ballymena, Derry London Derry, Newry and Enniskillen before back to Belfast. All the details are available at

     I will keep everyone in the loop as we might me putting together some art workshops at Elmer HQ. I am so looking forward to seeing all the school Elmer’s aswell. I have seen many local schools taking part, Standtown Primary School, Dundela Primary School and Inchmarlo Prep School. I am sure their might be more by now, if you know anymore please let me know. If any of my young artists are involved especially let me know!!

    Chat soon 

    Dawn x🐘x





    Following on from last week’s home-school art project, the theme was big. This week is a self-portrait, a super cool body tracing exercise.  This project will give you and your kids lots of giggles!! Any age can join in, my eldest son Ethan is eight, he really enjoyed it and thought the outcome was so realistic. The drawing I did around him gave an accurate scale of his body. Jake is almost five and thought it was hilarious and thought he'd even make up a little dance to get in the creative mode!

    Jake Whalley Starting one of his Mum's Art Projcets Dawn Crothers

    (Jake Whalley having a little dance on his make shift canvas!)

     I think the appeal falls into three categories: scale, personal attention and filling in the blanks. The scale is BIG, and that’s fun for little kids. This body tracing therapy activity provides positive reinforcement and gives us parents a chance to encourage them to see themselves in an awesome way.

    Jake Whalley Kids Home School Art Project

    To get started you will need paper, I used an old roll of wallpaper I already had at home but anything similar would do. Once you have a roll of paper just tape it to the floor and trace around their body. Its now up to them to create their self-portrait. We used felt tips and watercolour paint, but any art materials would do. When we were finished I hung them proudly on their bedroom doors.

    Jake with his wonderful creation!

    Ethan Whalley getting creative!

    A great place to display your finished portrait creations

    Ethan eyeing up his artwork

    Why not give this little project a go and feel free to send me some of your finished creations! Feel free to photograph and upload your amazing artwork to your social media stories and tag me in them so I can see them...I'm so excited to see how you all get on!!